The Concept

Diplomat Park is a residential project with an elegant smart modern architecture. The building has been designed with characteristics of a Condominium and placed into an old garden. The height of the building corresponds with to the height of the original trees and therefor offers its clients privacy, comfort and safety.

Discreetness, privacy and safety of the clients is granted with a double entrance of the garage, a major distance of the building from the main road and the general orientation of the apartments. The entrance of strangers to the object is not permitted and all windows are beyond sight of the pedestrians as well as the neighbours.

Diplomat Park is secured with multilevel security entrances and the whole area is monitored with a 24/7 camera system. Inner blocks of the building as well as two main entrances are accessible for the clients only through individually set up of electronic chips.

All three blocks of the building have panoramatic city views on and are made of natural materials such as marble and granite. This combination gives added value in terms of exclusivity to the common areas.

Diplomat Park has two underground and three above-the-ground floors. There are 32 parking spots on two different parking levels connected by car lift.

The Architects in cooperation with the Investor have created an exquisite project, in which each of the apartments is unique, benefits in the best possible way from its orientation and area. Ground floor apartments have direct access to the garden, the rest of the apartments dispose of a generous terrace or balcony.

The interior design of the apartments plays also an important role. Each of the apartments has a slightly different combination of colours and materials of the wooden massive floors, as well as the equipment of the kitchen and bathrooms. All apartments have been designed in neutral palette of colours and natural materials. This offers the clients the possibility to adjust the chosen apartment according to their style preferences, whether is modern or classic. The floor plans are very smartly designed and offer maximum of its use. Thanks to the tailored made wardrobes in the main reception, bedrooms and halls, the apartments offer a generous solution for the ever so problematic storage solutions.

Diplomat Park offers its clients also a Party room with small-equipped kitchen that allows the clients to invite guests and organize parties without the necessity of disturbing their own privacy. The party room is suitable especially for those who enjoy hosting family and friends within the exclusive premises of Diplomat Park but are staying in smaller apartments.

A property manager is at disposal within working days in order to ensure functionality, cleanness and potential elimination of defects within the object or simply to meet the specific requests of services on the client’s side upon request and mutual agreement.