Services in Diplomat Park

Party room

Diplomat Park offers for its clientele a so called Party Room with small fully equipped kitchen with separate toilets for men and women and a small smoking terrace. The clients may, without any additional charges, use this room for organisation of parties as well as other types of meetings. However, we kindly like ask the clients to clean up the Party room once used. This service may be discussed with the property manager who upon request may organise a cleaning lady to do so for na appropriate financial compensation.

Party room 1 Diplomat Park party room

Property manager

Property manager is at disposal within working days. He is responsible for ensuring functionality, cleanness and elimination of defects within the object or at the client’s side upon request/agreement. He is responsible for the maintenance of the building and whole area including gardens is provided throughout the whole year.

Cleaning services

In case of interest, we are able to provide cleaning service for our clients, that Diplomat park itself uses. If requested so, the client will be presented with to a cleaning lady and they will make their individual arrangements. In any cases, the access to the apartments is managed strictly under the property manager.

Kids Corner

In the exterior of Diplomat Park is located also a Baby Corner. This allows parents to have some time for relaxing with kids playing around.